DBK Special Parts

DBK Special parts was born from the experience and research over more than 14 years of DUCABIKE, a brand by which we have developed an extensive line of accessories for Ducati motorcycles. Research and innovation have enabled us to become a leader in our sector: we have introduced in the market products such as the oil bath clutch clear cover, an accessory that has become a trend among owners of premium brands motorcycles.

DBK Special Parts has thus born, from the experience and passion coming from Ducabike and Performance Technology, to off er a new catalog of special accessories with the mission to meet the needs of all motorcyclists. This need arises precisely from the huge request we have received all over this years from customers who did not necessarily own Ducati motorcycles.

The Company

DBK Special parts was born in 1999, an idea of Claudio Gandolfi who transformed into a real business the passion for motorcycles he has had since he was a child, starting by making accessories for Ducati motorcycles counting on expert craftsmen in the mechanical field, and then since 2014, creating an headquarter with more than 22 employees that design, make and sell accessories for all the best motorcycle brands, always with an handcrafted quality but revised in a modern key for design and production.

The Factory

The factory, which has over 2600 square meters , is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for CNC machining: highly qualified personnel manage operations on 3 and 5 axis equipment.

The technical department makes use of the latest cad/cam softwares, 3D scanners and printers for prototyping, essential for the R&D of our products.The warehouse offers a high storage capacity meant to provide maximum speed in order processing.

All DBK's products are 100% Made in Italy by our company.

DBK SPECIAL PARTS - Special parts and spare parts for motorcycles
Via M. Serenari, 33/E - 40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) Italy – Tel.: (+39) 051 32 84 62


Presence of state aid/de minimis

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 the company received benefits falling under the State aid regime or de minimis regime for which there is an obligation to publish in the National Register of State aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2012.

Type of benefitPayment dateAmountPaying agency
Research and development 15/09/2021 15419,84 € Agenzia entrate
Research and development 30/06/2022 14881,50 € Agenzia entrate
Research and development 16/07/2022 17606,80 € Agenzia entrate
Research and development 16/02/2023 33.902,71 € Agenzia entrate
Research and development 31/07/2023 10.013,00 € Agenzia entrate